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how to build a double 4x2 C&C Cage guinea pigs kavee

You love C&C cages for guinea pigs? Kavee goes the extra mile: our engineers designed for you the first ever C&C cage with a built-in closing system! NO GLUE, NO TAPE REQUIRED.  Try it out. We guarantee you will love it!  

C&C cages are fully modular cages, offering lots of leg room for your guinea pigs (at least twice bigger than usual cages). They are super easy to clean and fun to assemble. At any time, you can add space or customize as you wish. They can be stored flat to save space and can be a great solution when travelling with your pets too. Because they are open cages, taming your animals is also much easier. 

guinea pig C&C cage

Better ...but also cheaper! Check the prices of our C&C cages

Judge by yourself by checking our best value cage or browse through our extensive range of C&C cages and runs for guinea pigs. If you would like something really spacious, don't miss our extra large guinea pig cage.

 C&C cage for guinea pigs


Tons of accessories for your C&C cage 

Smart toys, bedding, water bottles: everything you need to make your C&C cage finally ready is there in our section Accessories for your C&C cages.  

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